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Honda Hedge Trimmer Range


Got a big job on your hands? With a Honda 4-stroke engine mounted in a unique anti-vibration frame, our cleverly designed, go-anywhere hedgetrimmers will make light work of the numerous jobs it can do in your garden. They're the number one for low noise and low emissions too. No matter how over-grown or rough, they’ll soon trim a ragged hedge back into shape.

Honda HHH25D Hedge Trimmer

HHH25D Hedge Trimmer

The Honda HHH25D Hedge Trimmer is environmentally friendly with whisper quiet operation, low emissions & fuel consumption. Its lightweight 6.6kg dry weight design makes it easy to use and store. The Honda Hedge Trimmer is contractor quality with a 2-motion throttle trigger, GX25cc Mini 4-stroke engine, double sided blade with 720mm cutting length and a 3-way, 2 motion adjustable rear handle.

Honda HHH36 Battery Hedgecutter

HHH36 Battery Hedgecutter

Honda’s HHH36 Battery Hedgecutter is ideal for both the residential and commercial user. It delivers optimum performance via its brushless motor, leaving a perfect finish from Swiss steel blades that effortlessly slice through bushes, plants and hedges.